‘The first 100 days’ supports a robust, effective start and a well thought-out plan for the continuation of your new job/role/assignment. As a newcomer you have a fresh outlook; a certain distance and abundant curiosity does wonders to connection and creativity. With your questions, behavior and actions you can work on creating a supportive environment for your ambitions.

A robust and effective start in the new position requires self-awareness, conscious positioning and a professional and personal plan.  It pays off to seize the moment in the first 100 days with a predetermined plan of action, in which hard and soft skills are developed.

The programme deals with the following themes in 4 fases:
  1. Preparation: What do you want to find in you new role/job? What do you want to leave behind?
  2. Start: How do I keep a certain distance and a fresh view? How can I develop connections?
  3. Positioning: What do the systems look like? Where am I positioned and what are the expectations in the different roles? How do I shape leadership?
  4. Implementation: You will convert your findings in a personal plan.

The programme is fine-tuned according to your agenda and planning. The first FaceTime interview and homework takes place before your first day of the new assignment. The programme comprises:

  • 1 face-to-face intake of 1 hour
  • 6 FaceTime sessions of 60 minutes (possibility for telephone calls in between)
  • 1 final personal and face-to-face coaching session of 1,5 hour

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