Coaching facilitates change in:
  • thinking (beliefs and attitudes)
  • emotions (more mindfulness and resilience)
  • behaviour (new healthy habits).

Coaching builds the mental skills needed to support lasting change. Skills such as mindfulness, self-awareness, motivation, resilience, optimism, critical thinking, stress management and focus.

Basic assumptions for coaching are:

•  Personal and work related topics are often intertwined
•  Everybody has their own answers to their challenges
•  Everybody possesses the personal strength to convert their answers into reality

Together we will explore your questioning and wishes. You will recalibrate your driving behaviours and confront the underlying urgency. I will challenge you to explore how things can be different. I will support you in making bold decisions and having the courage to really do things differently. The result: a robust Self.


I offer individual mentoring for both personal and work-related topics. The coaching sessions take place in Naarden-Vesting or any other location, mutually agreed upon. A coaching session is always preceded by an informal and noncommittal intake interview by telephone.

I would be pleased to tell you more about the possibilities in a personal conversation.

MSvS Coaching & Consultancy

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