New job - the first 100 days - behave like a toerist

Starting a new job? Behave like a tourist.

You are on the eve of a personal journey: a new job. We know from research that the first 100 days are a good predictor of success and the further development of your career. How can you best utilise this important period?

You have not taken this step lightly: you want to leave something behind, take something along and, in particular, find something new. But what are these things? You want to avoid your usual pitfalls.

Use the first 100 days as the ultimate opportunity to explore. You still have a fresh outlook and objectivity to observe the organisation, and you feel the freedom to address your colleagues without inhibitions. You should use this ‘newcomer’ space. Astonish yourself, be curious, take a detour to your office and soak up the culture. Dare to try out new responses to scuffy situations. Take time to wander and to wonder. Behave like a tourist in your new job.

Use the steps below:

  1. Preparation

In the weeks before your first day, ask yourself: What motivated me to take this step?  What am I looking forward to? What is the long term objective? What do I want to contribute? What do I need and which support tools can I access to start my journey? What new behaviour do I want to explore?

  1. Start

You will open-mindedly meet new people and exchange energy and enthusiasm. For them you are also a chance for development. They give you inspiration for your journey. Be proactive. Be aware of your position as a tourist in this new environment and, for example, ask yourself: How do I deal with roadblocks or eccentric fellow travellers? What are my alternatives? Hold space and take time to shed light on enjoying the ride.

  1. Positioning

You will often experience that collaboration takes place beyond your own department or company. View your position as through a film camera: Where do I stand among these different teams? Where do I establish my boundaries? And how do I communicate about them in a constructive manner?

  1. Going forward

Only when you have a clear view on your current position and destination, you can formulate your ambitions and steps for the future. It is all about your own vision. Which encounters and happenings do you want to ‘download’ for learnings or to enjoy later? Are there skills you want to develop to make your journey even more attractive? What does the next step of your path look like?

Adhering to the above will help create a wonderful experience of your journey. And you will make optimal use of this period that is so predictive for the success of your future career.

Sometimes you need to look through the eyes of others to see yourself.

Professional coaching during the first 100 days?

You can follow the steps above at different levels of consciousness. If you really want to make the most of your first 100 days, then support from a professional coach is useful. That’s why Welling Search offers its candidates that have been placed in permanent positions, two personal coaching sessions with an experienced executive coach.


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